Posted: December 5, 2012 in Ripple Effect

Natanya C


The walls speak to me.

How long will they continue to haunt me:

The agonizing, helpless cries

They are screaming, yelling my name.

What more do they have to lose?

They have continued from the time they started to the moment I thought it was over,

It was then that my torture commenced.

It began on the day I know as the beginning of the end.

The sky rained like the child that cried in his mother’s arms that day.

The water bullets were acid on my arms and face, as I stared at the people just feet away.

I was a zombie.

The first tragic shot deafeningly screamed out of the guns surrounding the victims

When I suddenly screamed NO!

I was now part of the enemy, facing death as I threw myself in front of what I thought

Was my ex-targets.

Shots sang to me wishing death.


I opened my eyes and saw a lone familiar child facing me.

The boy watching me, my comrades watching me

Both waiting for my move.

Soon the ground was RED from the blood that ran from the child’s body, just

Like chocolate syrup on my ice cream at home.

That was my prize, the prize for the lifeless, still body of the child that just moments

Ago was crying in his comforting mother’s arms.

His tears caused the rain that day

Those drips and drops left SCARS,

I see him everywhere I go.

I wanted him to live

Why didn’t I?

I was forced, into the whole war!

I chose my life…….over his

He deserved to live.


His voice is everywhere, judging me; always glaring each time ice cream is near.

He was my little brother……

I celebrated it, and tried to forget

But I cannot.


I killed him.

I cannot forget him.



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