Posted: December 5, 2012 in Ripple Effect

*Orange Jumpsuits

Joseph M.


What did he do?

Did he really do it,

Or was he framed?


How long is his sentence?

Is it for life,

Or just 5 years?


Was he an accomplice,

Or a murderer?

Is it because of his family,

Or was it all his own doing?


Why do I stare?

They’re just here to work,

Because they are “good prisoners”,

Just people,

In orange jumpsuits.


Take it easy

Deanitra Kaminka


How you’ve been led astray

Such happens as we age.

You journeyed through prisons

Through fire.

Winter and graveyards.

How you’ve been led astray.


Take a rest,

Listen closer.

 Can’t you hear the rustle of trees

On a cool autumn’s day.

They speak to you.


Turn around,

Take a stroll

Into the sun

Into the wilderness

Where you belong.

Your only home.


How you’ve been led astray.

Such happens as we age.

One breath:

Inhale exhale.

Take it easy.

Take it as it comes.


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