Little Buddies

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Ripple Effect

Today we went and updated the eighth graders on the High School Literary Art’s Magazine.  They didn’t seem too enthused bu that may be because the staff of the  Middle School Literary Art’s Magazine are driven like slaves to turn out spreads.  I tried to explain to them about how relaxed it is, but the faculty advisor shot us down saying that since we are so relaxed, we don’t get anything done.  We’ll see about that!

Since this magazine is entirely student run, unlike the middle school magazine who has a teacher “slave driver” as their leader, it takes about twice as long to accomplish what the middle schooler’s do.  But hey, we don’t have as many staff drop-outs.

Hopefully we’ll have some little buddies next year to help us.  They are our only hope! If there is no rising age levels then in a couple of years the magazine will fall apart because we’ll all have graduated.


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